Our Capability

We are specialized in plastic plating since 1979 offering decorative chroming of different finishing
such as Satin Chrome, bright Chrome and dark chrome finishing.

We are able to achieve stringent quality requirements from various industries like consumer, electronic to automotive.

1. Different plating finishing

Bright chrome finishing

Trivalent chrome black finishing

Satin chrome finishing

2. Reliability Test Equipment

We are equipped with a wide range of test equipment allowing us to fulfil different industry requirements of product reliability:

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

High Temperature Oven

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Scan electron Microscope

Plating Thickness Machine (Couloscope)

Mould Design & Making

We are capable of design and making quality tools for our customer and with our early involvement in customer’s product design ensuring the development phase is achieving the intended quality of the product during mass production.

Injection Moulding

Our single colour injection molding machines range from 40 ton to 220 ton and double colour molding machines range from 120 ton to 200 ton.


Our electroplating line is a fully automated with sophisticated technology to control the uniformity of the chroming colour and plating thickness and our plating capacity having the confidence to meet your needs.

Waste-Water Treatment

Committed to the environment sustainability, we operates an environmental friendly operation through our heavily invested waste-water treatment plant.